NASA Provides $45M Boost to US Small Businesses

small business

Small businesses are vital to NASA’s mission, helping expand humanity’s presence in space and improve life on Earth. NASA has selected 365 U.S. small business proposals for initial funding from the agency’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) program, a total investment of more than $45 million.   “At NASA, we recognize that small businesses…

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Huge asteroid makes close flyby this weekend (video)


  Asteroid 2001 FO32 is the biggest known asteroid to sweep past Earth in 2021. It was discovered on March 23, 2001, by the Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research project, near Socorro, New Mexico. Asteroid 2001 FO32 is estimated to be about .6 miles in diameter. Although there’s no risk of impact, the space rock is of interest also because it’s…

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From Flags and Lunar Modules to Rovers and Family Pictures


For All Moonkind, Inc., the only organization in the world dedicated to protecting human heritage in space, is proud to unveil the For All Moonkind Moon Registry, a free online resource that catalogs and celebrates human historical sites and artifacts on the Moon. From Luna to Apollo to Chang’e and everything in between, the Moon Registry provides overviews of every mission…

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Moment in History: Valerie L. Thomas (video)

  Valerie L. Thomas (born February 8, 1943) is an American scientist and inventor. Thomas was interested in science as a child, after observing her father tinkering with the television and seeing the mechanical parts inside. Thomas did not have a lot of support as a young child; her parents did not fight for her right to study a STEM curriculum,…

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Vice President Kamala Harris Calls NASA Astronaut Victor Glover

Vice President

  In celebration of Black History Month, NASA astronaut Victor Glover welcomed Vice President Kamala Harris to the International Space Station for a virtual chat.   In the video recorded Feb. 24 and shared Saturday, the conversation ranged from the legacy of human spaceflight to observing Earth from the vantage of the space station, Glover’s history-making stay aboard the orbiting…

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NASA Celebrates ‘Hidden Figure’ Mary W. Jackson With Building Naming Ceremony


On Friday, NASA celebrated the agency’s first African American female engineer, Mary W. Jackson, with a ceremony formally naming the agency’s headquarters building in Washington in her honor.   Jackson began working at the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) – the forerunner of NASA – in April 1951. From her initial role as a “human computer” within the segregated…

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NASA’s Perseverance Rover Gives High-Definition Panoramic View of Landing Site


  NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance rover got its first high-definition look around its new home in Jezero Crater on Feb. 21, after rotating its mast, or “head,” 360 degrees, allowing the rover’s Mastcam-Z instrument to capture its first panorama after touching down on the Red Planet on Feb 18. It was the rover’s second panorama ever, as the rover’s Navigation…

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