As Phoenix Comicon 2017 continued into Day 2 of the event, the man that caused a severe step up of security yesterday, made his first court appearance.

As a result of yesterday’s event, Phoenix Comicon made a few policy changes. Cosplayers are now not allowed to bring in props or prop weaponry of any kind. Other changes were in the limits of points of entry, and inspections of backpacks and bags. This meant longer wait times and lines to enter the event.

From my perspective, going through the new security measures seemed smoother than I thought it would be. Yes, upon arriving today, I noticed long lines at the entry points and at registration. It was a bit of an inconvenience, but I soon had my badge and lanyard and I was on my way to the event.

About 40 minutes after I picked up my badge, the long lines into registration were gone and visitors were able to pick up their badges easily.

Truthfully, I’d rather suffer a little bit of this inconvenience compared to the possibility of what very well could be a major incident. Whatever this individuals thoughts and motives, if it wasn’t for observant, quick thinking people, there more than likely would have been a major tragedy at this event.

Phoenix Comicon was well aware of the inconvenience and consequences these changes would mean to everyone attending the event. But safety should be everyone’s concern.



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