Daz 3D and The Diigitals Launch Exclusive NFT in Support of AAPI Month


Proceeds from NFT Sales of Exclusive Bundle of 3D Content Will Support Non-Profit Stop AAPI Hate

Daz 3D, the sister brand of Tafi Co and a leader in 3D digital art, released its latest Non-Fungible Token (“NFT”) in partnership with The Diigitals, the leading all-digital modeling agency. Building on their prior NFT collaboration in support of Black Girls Code, The Diigitals and Daz are now releasing an innovative and ground-breaking NFT designed in collaboration with Asian and Pacific Islander artists to showcase the Asian American and Pacific Islander experience. To provide further benefit to this important cause, Daz 3D will release an exclusive bundle of 3D content on its leading Daz 3D digital content marketplace. All proceeds from the NFT sales, both primary and secondary, and fifty percent of the 3D content sales on the Daz 3D marketplace will be donated to Stop AAPI Hate.

This unique and inspirational NFT features Joon Yung (“J-Yung”), a Korean inspired virtual idol from The Diigitals. In the NFT, J-Yung wears an outfit designed by LEE EUN JIN (@Jin3d_226), a South Korean 3D apparel designer, accompanied by music played by Braeden Duperron, a 14 year-old violinist of Japanese, Hawaiian, and Filipino heritage, and with animations by Juan Mendiola, a Filipino Canadian senior 3D artist and founder of ThreeDigital.

For Daz 3D and The Diigitals, this NFT, in coordination with the ability to donate to an organization addressing anti-Asian racism, is important work in their continued efforts to promote inclusivity and diversity across the digital spaces. The J-Yung and Shudu NFT will be available on May 27.

“The increase in anti-Asian sentiment across the country is very troubling and disturbing,” said Jin3D, digital fashion designer. “A natural reaction in the Asian-American community has been to hide our Asian identities and cultures for fear of being targeted for verbal or physical attacks. Turning to digital art and digital fashion has allowed me to express myself while keeping true to my Asian identity. I am honored to use my digital skills in support of AAPI month.”

“Bringing together art and technology to benefit such an amazing initiative and stand against anti-Asian hate was an easy decision for us at The Diigitals,” said Cameron James-Wilson, founder and CEO of The Diigitals. “I’ve always imagined that Shudu would be outspoken on issues of racism, so to create an NFT with her and J-Yung was our way of showing that support. As an artist who is heavily inspired by Korean culture, I cannot be silent on the rising issue of anti-Asian hate across the world.”

All proceeds from the NFT sales will be going to Stop AAPI Hate. This nonprofit organization operates the Stop AAPI Hate Reporting Center, which tracks incidents of hate and discrimination against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the United States. During this month, Daz will be releasing a content bundle in the Daz marketplace in support of this initiative. Additionally, later this year, Daz will also release Jin3D’s outfit for the artist.

“With all proceeds going to Stop AAPI Hate, this NFT drop is deeply personal to me,” said Preston Woo, Chief Strategy Officer of Daz 3D and Tafi. “I’m proud of Daz 3D and our collaboration with The Diigitals and OpenSea in support of this important and relevant cause.”

Using digital art to drive inclusivity and diversity while supporting and driving awareness for organizations addressing these larger systemic issues is a guiding principle for both Daz 3D and The Diigitals. Over the last year, Daz 3D has led awareness campaigns and initiatives for organizations like Catalyst, Black Girls Code, and Movember and have matched employee donations to organizations devoted to advancing equality, inclusion, and social justice. The Diigitals work to champion diversity in both the virtual and fashion worlds, collaborate with creators from emerging economies and under-represented communities, and partner with up-and-coming designers and brands.

The NFT is now live: https://opensea.io/assets/0x63e0eab409f1c1e737aad225003d709b57dbe9e5/19

About Daz 3D
Daz 3D, a subsidiary of Tafi Co, is a 3D marketplace and free software suite with content that can go anywhere, so 3D artists and designers can create their own high-resolution 3D stills and animations while building professional quality 3D scenes. Founded in 2000, Daz 3D’s digital marketplace offers hobbyists and professionals tens of thousands of 3D products with over five million inter-compatible 3D assets for Daz Studio and other 3D applications. Daz 3D has created the most artist-friendly digital marketplace, paying nearly $100 million to its global network of contributing artists. Users of Daz Studio create more than 20 million images and animations annually using Daz 3D products. With over 3 million downloads, Daz continues to drive efforts at the forefront of digital identity and expression.

About The Diigitals
The Diigitals was founded by Cameron-James Wilson, British photographer and visual artist. Utilizing the rising accessibility of new technologies and taking the first steps into a new frontier of digital exploration, The Diigitals is the world’s first digital modeling agency. Within its collaborative hub, The Diigitals demonstrate the potential of 3D fashion modeling and showcase its applications for innovative brands. Acting as both a showroom to illustrate possibilities of a more sustainable fashion industry and a gallery of diverse digital identities, The Diigitals erase the boundaries between reality and the digital. Learn more at www.thediigitals.com


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