EarlySense® Showcases its Award-winning InSight+® System at CES 2022

New sensing technology solution to be initially made available for clinical development partners

LAS VEGAS, — For digital health attendees at CES 2022, EarlySense®, the market leader in contact-free continuous monitoring solutions, will be showcasing its InSight+® sensing technology system (an investigational device not yet available for sale), a CES® 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree.

The award-winning solution will be available to see prior to its general availability as part of the Innovation Awards Showcase, at the CONNECTIONS Summit at CES and in the company’s CES Exhibit Suite (29-221), details of which can be found on the dedicated InSight+ website page of the company’s website.  

“We look forward to sharing more about our passive sensing technology to attendees at the show,” said Matt Johnson, CEO of EarlySense. “With the pandemic still firmly with us, we know we will continue to see an explosion in use cases for patients who want to be cared for at home and for providers who want to incorporate virtual care solutions into their practices in the long-term.”    

The EarlySense InSight+ system is built on the company’s medical-grade technology and re-engineered for the home. It utilizes a contact-free, under-the-mattress sensor to continuously and passively collect patient biometrics. The solution’s Vital Signs Cellular Processing Unit, powered by AT&T IoT, analyzes and securely transmits core vital signs, movement and sleep data to the EarlySense cloud, where it can be integrated into care management systems and dashboards.

The data collected from patients through InSight+ includes sleep stages, sleep trends, sleep scoring, overnight breathing patterns, heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, respiratory rate variability and body movement levels, as well as clinical marker alerts related to heart rate instability and respiratory rate depression.

“We’re excited to team up with EarlySense to help deliver care to more patients who need it, in the comfort of their home,” said Joe Drygas, AT&T VP of Healthcare Solutions. “A reliable and highly secure connection is key for remote patient monitoring.”

Using years of data from its monitoring solutions in hospitals, the solution applies smart pattern detection and Artificial Intelligence (AI) models to create a dynamic patient baseline and then flags subtle shifts in patient vital signs, with the intent of helping healthcare providers visualize significant health changes and identify early signs of patient deterioration.

Not scheduled to be made broadly available until the second half of 2022, EarlySense is making InSight+ available for clinical research purposes, giving early access to the proprietary monitoring technology to augment ongoing clinical efforts in telehealth, passive monitoring and AI-driven health initiatives.

“We’re truly excited by the opportunity to partner with researchers, technology developers and clinical service providers who are as passionate about advancing in-home virtual care solutions as we are,” said Terry Duesterhoeft, Chief Product and Commercial Officer, EarlySense. “This initiative will allow us to support studies and develop new applications to provide a fuller picture of true patient health, with vital sign data captured continuously overnight – the time when it is most stable to gather data.”

Researchers interested in partnering with EarlySense can visit the company’s website.

About EarlySense:
EarlySense® is the global leader in 100-percent contact-free, continuous monitoring solutions. Used worldwide in hospitals, post-acute care facilities and in the home, the company’s technology and predictive data science applications empower providers, clinicians and patients with continuous multi-vital data and actionable insights that improve quality of life and patient outcomes across the care continuum. EarlySense is based in Ramat Gan, Israel and Woburn, Massachusetts. For more information, visit the company’s website at www.earlysense.com.

SOURCE EarlySense