Comprensión de la fibrilación auricular: Vivir con y tratar una afección común

(Family Features) Un diagnóstico de fibrilación auricular (AFib) puede ser aterrador, pero no tiene por qué impedirle disfrutar de la vida. Aprender más sobre la condición y las opciones de tratamiento puede afectar significativamente su pronóstico y calidad de vida. La AFib es el tipo más común de arritmia cardíaca o ritmo cardíaco anormal. Ocurre cuando las cavidades superiores del…

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FDA Urges Companies to be ’Recall Ready’ to Protect Public Health as Part of Final Guidance for Voluntary Recalls

person holding laboratory flask

Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration finalized guidance to help companies prepare to quickly and effectively remove violative products from the market. The guidance describes steps companies should take, before a recall is necessary, to develop recall policies and procedures that include training, planning and record-keeping to reduce the time a recalled product is on the market and, thus,…

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National Kidney Foundation Celebrates One-Year Anniversary of First National Registry Supporting Kidney Patients with All Stages and Types of Kidney Disease

~In honor of Black History Month NKF Invites More African Americans to this powerful platform  The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) celebrates the one-year anniversary of the NKF Patient Network, the first national registry for people with all stages and types of kidney diseases including people on dialysis and kidney transplant recipients. In honor of Black History Month, NKF encourages people who identify as…

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EarlySense® Showcases its Award-winning InSight+® System at CES 2022

New sensing technology solution to be initially made available for clinical development partners LAS VEGAS, — For digital health attendees at CES 2022, EarlySense®, the market leader in contact-free continuous monitoring solutions, will be showcasing its InSight+® sensing technology system (an investigational device not yet available for sale), a CES® 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree. The award-winning solution will be available to see prior…

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Gratitude Lodge Suggests Sober Holiday Celebration Activities

4 Sober Holiday Celebration Ideas LONG BEACH, Calif., December 18, 2021 ( – For persons in recovery, holiday celebrations can present some significant challenges. Many traditional celebrations include drinking, which can become a nerve-wracking experience to stay sober when surrounded by temptation and indulgence. You’ve done a good job until now getting and staying sober – so don’t risk a setback….

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WHO and UN partners’ compendium of 500 actions aims to reduce diseases from environmental factors and save lives

  Almost 25% of deaths worldwide could be prevented if the actions in the compendium were fully implemented Friday, 3 September 2021 – WHO, UNDP, UNEP and UNICEF have partnered to create a new compendium of 500 actions aimed at reducing death and diseases driven by environmental risk factors, the first such resource to unite this expertise from across the…

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Dehydrating Garden Harvests


    By Dave Brummet Raised on Okanagan fruits and vegetables, Dave and Lillian Brummet love sharing their passion for gardening, fresh produce and cooking.Today they will help us reduce food waste in our kitchen, extend our budget, and make a difference for the planet. Owning a small dehydrator can avert a great deal of kitchen food waste, and you’ll…

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Is Drinking Green Tea Healthier Than Taking Water?

    Is Drinking Green Tea Healthier Than Taking Water? By Benjamin K Muchuiri Every medical practitioner, nutritionist, or weight loss coach will recommend that you drink water regularly due to the fact that it is essential for the functionality of the body as well as have a hand in weight loss. As much as water is very essential for…

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