Dehydrating Garden Harvests


    By Dave Brummet Raised on Okanagan fruits and vegetables, Dave and Lillian Brummet love sharing their passion for gardening, fresh produce and cooking.Today they will help us reduce food waste in our kitchen, extend our budget, and make a difference for the planet. Owning a small dehydrator can avert a great deal of kitchen food waste, and you’ll…

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Flor de Caña and bars to reduce 9 tons of food waste through sustainable cocktails

food waste

Reducing food waste is one of the best ways to fight climate change, according to FAO. LONDON — Flor de Caña, a carbon neutral and sustainably produced premium rum, has launched a global initiative called “Zero Waste Month” that invites eco-conscious bars, restaurants and consumers around the world to join forces to reduce food waste, one sustainable cocktail at a time….

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