Well, we just passed another construction test after assembly of the greenhouse. We have already been through the monsoon season, one of the wettest so far, and have experienced a myriad of elements such as high winds, hail, extreme heat and heavy rain. It also survived a mini-microburst that knocked off a screen from the living room window. There were a few loose panels, nothing major as far as damage top the structure. The panels were fixable, just needed to snap or slide them back into place. Overall, the greenhouse faired pretty well in the harsh Arizona summer.

Now, it’s the Fall season, and the temperatures have fallen. Triple digit temperatures are seemingly behind us. Now is the time we test the greenhouse under cooler weather conditions. How to keep optimal conditions inside so that we can maintain healthy plants. I’m looking forward to testing the greenhouse under those conditions.

The final build test was achieved this past weekend… The night/ morning temperatures have dipped into the low 60s and the automatic roof vent worked as it was suppose to. As soon as the temperatures rose above seventy-five, the vent opened. The roof also has a variable mode as well, on nights that were warmer than the previous lows, around 71 degrees, the vent would lower, but not completely close.

I love it when a plan comes together…