It’s been a while since I was this riled up enough by a news story that I had to write something about it.

Recently, CBS This Morning aired a report about what are called Porch Pirates, people who steal packages that delivered to residences. It’s something that has occurred more frequently over the past few years. The report says that 23 million people have been affected by this so far.

Police departments across the country are starting a new program where they are using bait packages to catch thieves. Some of these packages contain GPS tracking devices where they can track the thieves to catch them after they steal the item(s) from homes. There has been success with this new program in Arcadia, California where they actually caught the thieves redhanded with the packages. There was one apprehension of a suspect at a movie theater after a high speed chase.

CBS offered opposing views to this program through a lawyer who talked about the police and the concern that they are using tracking devices in these bait packages and they are using expensive items to convict more felonies. I would agree with the lawyer if the police were forcing these packages in the hands of innocent bystanders, then yelling, “FREEZE!!!” These people made a clear choice to actively follow package delivery drivers, in some cases,  and brazenly steal the packages from doorsteps, many were captured on video.

After hearing the lawyer, I came to one conclusion… DON’T STEAL PACKAGES FROM PEOPLES’ HOUSES!!!! To me, that solves the whole civil liberties issues that he was talking about.



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