Mysterious Flash and Boom over Washington State (video)

A mysterious bright flash illuminated the western horizon above Washington State Wednesday night, Mysterious Flash and Loud Boom Leaves Washington State residents Puzzled. This was followed by a loud boom that shook the ground, according to several reports, puzzling residents and officials.

Grays Harbor County officials have received hundreds of calls regarding this incident.

The National Weather Service in Seattle was contacted by the county’s Division of Emergency Management, which replied that there was no severe weather event in the area at the time of the flash, corresponding boom and ground shaking.

The FAA was also contacted as well as the Western Air Defense Sector, both stated that there was nothing they could see that could explain the incident on their end.

“There was no earthquake. There are no reports of explosions or crashes on the ground,” according to a statement from the Grays Harbor County’s Division of Emergency Management. “We will continue our investigation of the incident.”

The cause of this incident still remains a mystery.

Here’s the ABC News report about the incident.

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