Nude Yoga – What You Should Know About Naked Yoga

By Felix Godwin

Yoga and meditation are popular since ancient times. Contrary to common belief, yoga is not just a set of different poses; it is a complete set of self discipline. Not only does it keeps you physically fit but also uplifts you spiritually. Yoga in literal terms means “union” i. e union of human soul with God. Asana (postures) are a way to keep your mind and body in perfect condition which helps you connect with the God.

Nude Yoga

This is a self explanatory term. Nude yoga simply means performing yogic Asansas without wearing any clothes. The postures (asana) are not any different from normal yogic postures. However the person performing naked yoga must be comfortable with this form of exercise.

Practice of this form of exercise started in 1960s. With the popularity of this form of yoga, many people started joining naked yoga classes. Aaron Star became an underground sensation when his Hot Nude Yoga that hit the market in 2001. Unintentionally Naked yoga is often associated with gay communities but it has nothing to do with gays

Motivating Force behind Naked Yoga

Naked Yoga is for those who want to break society’s norms. They want to explore their freedom by going without clothes. Moreover they accept the imperfections of their body and they do are not ashamed of it. Unlike other cultural changes, nude yoga took a long time before becoming popular.

Naked Yoga and Sex

There is a lot of difference between nude yoga and sexuality. The purpose of this form of yoga is to go beyond the perceived boundaries of the society. Gaining physical and mental fitness by performing asana in completely natural state is a new experience for naked yoga practitioner. It promotes a sense of openness among the participants and helps them accept the physical imperfections instead of hiding them.

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Naked Yoga Etiquettes

As it is an uncommon form of yoga, there are a few etiquettes that must be adhered to:

• Do not hesitate in removing clothes if you have joined nude yoga class
• It is impolite to stare at your classmates. You must be comfortable while making others comfortable
• This is not easy. In fact it is somewhat tougher than normal yogic practice and meditation.
• Understand the difference between nudity and sexuality. This form of yogic practice has nothing to do with sexuality. You must not hesitate in asking questions.
• Do not forget to bring your own mat and towel.

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