Time for the 2021 Eta Aquariids


Hey sky watchers and stargazers, get ready for another Meteor Shower. The Eta Aquariid meteors can be seen this weekend.

Every year between late April and May, the Earth comes into the orbital path of Halley’s Comet, plowing through the stream of comet debris which is the source of the Eta Aquariids.

This shower favors the Southern Hemisphere, giving viewers there a greater chance of seeing a spectacular shower. That’s not to say you will not see any activity in the Northern Hemisphere, you will, just that Southern Hemisphere has the advantage of seeing more.

The 2021 Eta Aquariids are forecasted to have the greatest number of meteors to fall before dawn on Wednesday, May 5 and probably Thursday May 6. You might see a few on May 7.

The shower is active between April 19 and May 20, with the peak around May 5 and 6.

Although this shower favors the Southern Hemisphere, you’ll still have a good time seeing activity in the North.

You may see a few bright meteors in the suburbs, the best viewing will be in a dark location far from the city lights.

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