UFO Over Mesa 12-23-2020 (video)

Mesa, Arizona

Dec 31, 2020 at 9:57 PM

It was 9:57 PM, on New Year’s Eve… A Phoenix man and his fiancé were visiting friends in East Mesa.

They were out in their front yard watching fireworks that neighbors were setting off overhead…

As their friends were setting off fireworks of their own, a light, which he thought was a plane approached from the East…

He then noticed that the light was slowing down, unlike conventional planes…

Upon further examination, he noticed that the light was sort of bluish-white, and weren’t the standard green a red light that conventional planes have…

The light then hovered and seemed to intensify its brightness as it hung there motionlessly…

It appeared to the man as if the light was there to observe the neighborhood fireworks display…

Was it a drone?

“Maybe,” he thought, as it hovered motionlessly…

It could have been a drone controlled by someone nearby… to observe the fireworks…

The light began to move away… Gathering speed and disappearing into the distance.

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